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Sight Window Pads

5 products


  • Cir-Cut Felt Silencing Material Black 3x7 in. 1 pk.

    Black felt adhesive pad that is used to reduce noise. 3" x 7" size.
    $6.50 save 19%
  • Cir-Cut Micro Fleece Silencing Material Camouflage 3.75x10 in

    Camo fleece pad with self-adhesive backing. Measures 10" x 3 3/4".
    $6.74 save 19%


  • Cir-Cut Micro Fleece Tape Camouflage 3.75x36 in.

    Camo fleece pad with self-adhesive backing. Measures 36" x 3 3/4".
    $12.15 save 18%
  • Cir-Cut Silence-Ilator Pads 3.5x7 in. 2 pk.

    Super soft adhesive backed material. Made of sound absorbing, cold insulating neoprene. Material is easily cut and will conform to all shapes. Simply cut to size and apply to sight window, arrow shelf, bow grip, arrow rest, quiver, anywhere silencing or insulation is needed. 2 large 3 1/2" x 7" pieces.
    $7.22 save 19%
  • Cir-Cut Super Micro Fleece Pad Black

    Micro fiber high tech material with an all-purpose adhesive backing. Great for silencing and comfort. For use on bows, arrow rests, grips, gear and more. Premium pressure sensitive adhesive. Easily trims and forms to custom shapes. Measures 3 3/4� x 9.5�.
    $7.22 save 19%