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Fletching Jig Accessories

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  • AAE Bitz Nock Receiver 3 and 4 Fletch

    The AAE Bitz Nock Receiver is an anodized 3 or 4 vane fletch nock receiver that allows the replacement of a single vane. The fork within the receiver holds nocks in a consistent manner, allowing for desired vane placement.
  • Bitzenburger Nock Receiver Crossbow Bolt

    Nock receiver allows you to fletch crossbow bolts.
    $35.19 save 15%
  • Bitzenburger Nock Receiver Right Helical

    Replacement nock receiver for the Bitzenburger Jig.
    $23.46 save 15%
  • Bitzenburger Nock Receiver Straight

    Replacement nock receiver for the Bitzenburger Jig.
    $22.05 save 15%
  • Bohning Arrow Dip Kit

    Arrow dipping kit includes (1) glass dip tube with Dip’n Plug ring, (1) arrow hanger, (2) pints of white Acry-Lac, and (2) pints of clear Acry-Lac. Included dip tube can hold up to 4 arrows at a time and allows for a dip up to 11� long.
    $121.08 save 15%
  • Bohning Jig Clamp Release Tape 3 pk.

    Pair of teflon laminated tapes to be applied to fletching clamps to prevent adhesives from adhering to clamps.
    $4.18 save 19%
  • Last Chance Vane Master Pro Xbow Fletching Adapter

    The Xbow Fletching Adapter is perfect for fletching any and all Xbow bolt types. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a flat nock, half moon nock, omni nock or no nock at all; this adapter is just for you. This unique design allows the adapter to spread apart, then compress back together using springloaded tension; to hold tight onto any and every crossbow bolt. It also has the ability to function on many different fletching jigs. This new adapter has an internal alignment pin to ensure the arrow sets straight inside the adapter while in use.
    $24.17 save 15%