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  • 30-06 Nucleaer Vane Juice Fletching Primer Pen

    Nuclear Vane Juice features a proprietary formula that strops vane quills of all oils and impurities to help create a powerful bond between the vane and shaft. Use the precision-point pen to apply directly to the quill.
    $15.42 save 20%


  • AAE Max Clean Arrow Cleaner 3 oz.

    Each capful dissolved in water will clean about 200 arrows. Max Clean will work on all types of arrow shafts. There is enough Max Clean to clean up to 500 shafts.
    $13.39 save 10%
  • AAE Max Clean Arrow Wipes 10 pk.

    AAE's Max Clean Arrow Wipes are a quick and easy method of cleaning arrow shafts for proper fletching adhesion. No more spilling liquids or smelly chemicals in your house or shop when prepping arrow for new shaft or re-fletching projects. Max Clean Arrow Wipes can be used on all forms of carbon, aluminum, and crested arrow. 10 wipes per pack.
    $9.42 save 15%
  • AAE Max Weld Primer Pen

    Primer pen cleans the base of the vane for maximum adhesion. Designed for vanes that have a urethane base such as the AAE Max series.
    $11.78 save 15%
  • Last Chance VMP Activator 2 fl. oz.

    The LCA Fletching Activator is great for prepping your arrows for fletching. You can spray your arrow shaft, before you fletch, and it will enhance the bond of the LCA Fletching glue to the arrow shaft. It also works great for cleaning the arrow shaft before you fletch in preparation for a perfect fletching job.
    $20.55 save 20%
  • October Mountain EZ Prep Arrow Cleaner

    The OMP EZ Prep Arrow Cleaner quickly gets your arrows ready for wrapping and fletching by removing dir, oil, and debris from arrow shafts. No mixing required for easy application. Our proprietary quick dry cleaning formula enables fletching to occur within 2 minutes after application.
    $8.64 save 24%