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Grease and Lubricants

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October Mountain
October Mountain
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Scorpion Venom
Scorpion Venom
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  • 30-06 Bow Snot Oiler Pen CP

    Weatherlock technology, will not freeze. 100 percent odorless. Heat displacement technology. Rated at negative 25 degrees. Provides protection and prolongs life. Increases performance and durability. Non flammable and non-toxic. Easy application containers, bow oiler pen applicator.
    $11.60 save 20%
  • 30-06 Little Snot Bowstring Wax

    Little Snot is the little brother size to String Snot in a clear formula. Little Snot is a precision blend of wax, oil & grease. This makes Little Snot a clear choice over any traditional style bow string lubricant.
    $5.98 save 19%
  • Friction-Less Universal Lubricant

    Use on anything that requires lubrication including: Boating, Outdoor, Camping, Indoor, Home, Automotive and much more. Can also be used on window/door tracks, tents, sleeping bags, tools and screws.
    $10.59 save 20%
  • October Mountain Bow Care Kit

    The Bow Care Combo Kit ensures that your bow is kept in shooting shape. Kit includes: 1 oz. Bow Lube Pen (1), Bowstring Wax (1 Hunter Size), .25 oz. String Serum (1).
    $24.08 save 15%


  • October Mountain Bow Lube Pen

    The Bow Lube Pen features a 100% traceless, odorless formula. Deep penetrating for maximum protection. Ideal for cams, idler wheels & cable guards, A felt chisel tip makes for easy application. 1 oz. bottle.
    $10.08 save 20%