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Rattle Bags and Antlers

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Hunters Specialties
Hunters Specialties
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2 products

Quaker Boy
Quaker Boy
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  • Flextone All-N-One Boned Up Deer Call

    Compact deer call is easy to carry. Simply blow the call for buck grunts or hold down the buttons for fawn bawls, doe bleats, and young buck grunts. Flexible body allows for changing of volume and tone.
    $13.13 save 22%
  • Flextone Battle Bag Plus Deer Call

    Rattle bag featuring Battle Sticks made from high-tech polymers for maximum volume housed inside a rubber bag. Creates early season sparring matches to the intense fights of the rut.
    $20.66 save 20%
  • Flextone Battle Bones Deer Call

    Two full antler racks for maximum rattling volume. Made with Bone Core technology for realistic rattling tone. Redesigned grip gives more control for easy rattling.
    $27.28 save 19%
  • Hunter Specialties DOD Rack Jack Rattle Device Deer Call

    The Rack Jack is a cylindrical injection-molded device with a rod type ram with cylindrical rings. This device creates the sound of two battling bucks that are sure to wake up nearby deer.
    $27.58 save 19%
  • Hunter Specialties Rival Rattle Device

    The Compact Rattle Box produces long distance clacks and softer sparring grinds to replicate the natural sound of horns clacking.
    $23.89 save 19%
  • Hunters Specialties Ruttin Buck Rattling Bag

    Tuned hardwood elements in a durable bag produce authentic sounds of battling bucks. The lanyard provides for easy carrying and one handed operation. Comes with silencer strap for quiet transport.
    $12.77 save 22%


  • Illusion Black Rack Rattling System

    The Illusion Black Rack Deer Rattling System features two Full Racks, exclusive Bone-Core Technology and innovative Black Concealment color, all of which make this System more effective than other methods, including using real shed antlers. Plus, you won't bust up your hands while using these, which every hunter can appreciate.
    $28.65 save 13%
  • Primos Big Bucks Bag

    Big sounds come in a convenient compact size. Sound like small bucks sparring or reproduce a dominant buck fight. You can increase the volume of sound the bag makes by removing one or more of the Power Tines. The camo net bag is compact, flexible, and 100 percent waterproof.
    $17.43 save 20%
  • Primos Fightin Horns

    The high-tech polymer in these horns delivers the same consistency and structure as real antlers. The 14 contact points reproduce buck-fighting sounds from light sparing to an extra-loud fight.
    $24.98 save 19%
  • Quaker Boy Rattle Master Pro Deer Call Deer Call

    Its exclusive mixture of hardwoods and carbon rods realistically replicates the fighting, jostling, rack-bashing sounds of bucks in the fall.
    $12.40 save 22%