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  • Flextone Beard Box Turkey Call

    The Beard Box features a compact, take-anywhere design. Handcrafted box call with a black cherry lid and two-sided poplar base. Hand-tuned to perfection, both pieces come together for two distinct tones. Ready for action and hand-tuned to perfection, you'll get double the purrs, cuts, clucks and yelps to drive any old tom nuts.
    $22.87 save 15%
  • Flextone Box Call Chalk - With Waterproof Case - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Conditioning is essential if you want clear, authentic sounds, and chalk is the easiest, quickest way to a perfectly conditioned box call. This five-pack includes a waterproof case that keeps chalk dry and ready to go regardless of field elements.
    $7.25 save 19%


  • Flextone Pot Luck Glass Call

    Designed with a compact, and waterproof design, the glass surface over the glass sound board paired with the carbon striker produces loud realistic turkey sounds.
    $15.54 save 16%
  • Flextone Show Stopper Pot Call - Glass Turkey Call - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The glass surface over a glass soundboard hands over the supernova volume needed to reach stubborn gobblers. A highly effective locating call, the Show Stopper's super-responsive glass surface instantly transitions from loud to soft calling with a perfectly balanced magnum wood striker. The custom, wide-ridged pot forms a solid gripping surface so your calls never falter. Always stay on-tune with the included conditioning screen and sandpaper. From cuts to kee-kees, the Show Stopper Glass will get it right every time.
    $22.17 save 16%


  • Flextone Show Stopper Pot Call - Slate Turkey Call - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The soft slate surface and glass soundboard on the Show Stopper Slate are at their best when hitting quiet finishing sounds. But this pot easily covers a full range of ultra-realistic turkey tones; it's got plenty of volume for loud cuts and yelps to reach distant gobblers, too. No matter how many yelps, clucks, cuts or purrs you put the Show Stopper Slate through, it won't lose that brand-new sound. The included sandpaper and conditioning screen keep it perfectly tuned, and the magnum wood striker is balanced just right.
    $22.17 save 16%