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  • Halo 450XL Rangefinder 450 yd.

    Delivering big on technology and value, the XL450 offers a 450 yard range, with a 6x magnification. AI technology accounts for the slope, and the scan mode allows for constant ranging. This is also water resistant, and carries a 1-year warranty.
    $137.53 save 18%
  • Halo CL300-20 Rangefinder 300 Yd.

    The CL300 rangefinder gives you quick and accurate yardages when you need them most of ranges out to 300 yards on a non-reflective target – plenty of distance to get the job done. Maximum 600 yards to reflective target.
    $114.84 save 19%
  • Halo XLR1600 Rangefinder 1600 Yd.

    The XLR1600 gives rifle hunters and long-range target shooters impressive accuracy at up to 1,600 yards. The simple press of a button calculates distance to target almost instantaneously, and scan mode makes switching between targets just as easy. With 6x magnification, premium glass lenses and AI Technology, the XLR1600 is feature rich.
    $283.66 save 19%
  • Halo XLR2000 Rangefinder 2000 Yd.

    The perfectly simple button configuration gives you the exact range within plus or minus one yard, so you can be sure to hit the mark. Features; Auto acquisition acquires exact range almost instantly, Angle Intelligence calculates true horizontal distance to target at any elevation, Scan Mode locks in multiple targets at different yardages. Maximum 2,000 yard to reflective target.
    $341.02 save 19%
  • Halo XR700 Rangefinder 700 Yd.

    The XR700 features a water-resistant design, 6x magnification and scan mode for constant ranging and AI Technology to ensure proper angle readings for all types of terrain. Maximum reflective range: 700 yards. Operates on a CR2 battery.
    $167.51 save 18%
  • Halo Z1000 Rangefinder 1000 Yd.

    The Halo Z1500 features angle intelligence, auto acquisition, an ergonomic design with non-slip grip, scan mode and is water resistant. Maximum range: 1000 yards. Magnification: 6X.
    $175.49 save 18%