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Elk Scent

Buck Baits
Buck Baits
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Deer Quest
Deer Quest
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Hunters Specialties
Hunters Specialties
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  • Buck Baits Cow Estrus 4 oz.

    Buck Baits Cow Estrus elk urine drives mature big trophy bull elks crazy. This attractant consists of pure elk urine taken from receptive cows.
    $22.14 save 20%
  • Buck Baits Dominate Bull 4 oz.

    Buck Baits Dominate Bull elk urine is irresistible to other dominate bulls checking out the intruder in their area.
    $21.03 save 20%
  • ConQuest EverCalm Scent Stick Elk Herd

    Strong and versatile elk cover scent in a stick form for ease of use and application. Will not freeze and is heat resistant.
    $19.23 save 20%
  • Deer Quest Elk Sense

    Elk attractant smoke stick keeps bulls coming in. 6 sticks per pack.
    $11.71 save 24%
  • Hunters Specialties Scent Wafer Cow Elk Urine

    Patented Scent Wafer technology makes pure, concentrated scents part of the wafer itself. These wafers are long-lasting and naturally refresh themselves when returned to their storage container after use. For fast and effective scent cover, hang your Scent Wafers from nearby branches or pin them to your clothing.
    $13.31 save 22%
  • Wildlife Research Golden Estrus Elk Spray 3 oz.

    Golden Estrus smells like fresh estrus elk urine and features Wild Research Center’s Scent Reflex Technology for stronger and more consistent responses. Effective during the rut and when bugling.
    $15.99 save 20%