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Camera Mounts

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Hawk Treestands
Hawk Treestands
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Realtree Outdoors
Realtree Outdoors
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  • Cranford Midget T Screw-In Mount

    Trail camera mount featuring the EZY self tapping screw. Mounts to any camera with a universal 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threaded bushing. Universal ball swivel allows for 360 degree rotation and tilt.
    $22.13 save 16%


  • Cuddeback Genuis Post Camera Mount

    No tree. No problem. Food plot and fields, logged over areas and even in the thick forest, it seems trees are never where you need them. Genius Post Mount lets you mount any trail camera anywhere you need - no tree required: Works with most trail cameras, Cuddeback cameras slide on and off, Other trail cameras with a tripod socket use the included universal adapter, Construction is all metal, Height adjusts from 25 to 32 inches, Genius is easy deployment and easy checking. Simply push the Genius Post Mount into the ground and slide your camera onto the bracket. Post Mount height can be adjusted from 25 to 32 inches. Tilt your camera up and down as needed.
    $32.49 save 15%
  • Cuddeback Genuis PTL Camera Mount

    Genius PTL Mount allows the trail camera to be mounted higher up and aimed as required. Left/right and up/down adjustments are quick and easy. Placing a trail camera higher in a tree is beneficial for many reasons: High placement improves illumination, Images from above can better reveal antlers, Creative camera angles provide artistic images, The camera is more concealed from animals and humans, Works with most trail cameras, Cuddeback cameras slide on and off and can be padlocked (padlock user supplied), Other trail cameras with a tripod socket use the included universal adapter, Genius is easy deployment and easy checking. Instead of kneeling on the ground or stretching to reach a high-mounted camera or having to unstrap the camera from the tree, with Genius Mount, you slide the camera off the mount, check the camera, then slide it back on while retaining the original aim.
    $22.11 save 16%
  • Hawk All-Camera Sport Mount

    The Hawk All-Camera Sport Mount features easy attach jaw style clamp, rugged flex arm and fast action recording.
    $45.70 save 18%
  • HME Easy-Aim Trail Camera Holder

    Easily screws into any tree and has a full 360 degrees of rotational adjustment along with 220 degrees of vertical adjustment. Made with a simple, compact and sturdy design to provide a dependable means for supporting all trail cameras with a 1/4-20 threaded bushing.
    $12.07 save 18%
  • HME Quick Mount Trail Camera Holder 3 pk.

    HME-QMCH-3 features:Compact design, Works with all ¼’’ by 20mm threads, Convenient 3 pack, Easily screws into tree, Lock washer for perfect camera orientation
    $14.63 save 18%
  • HME T-Post Trail Camera Holder

    HME-TPCH features:Features ¼’’ by 20mm thread to accommodate any trail camera on the market, Vertical and horizontal adjustment for perfect camera placement , Lock washer to secure camera in place
    $12.97 save 18%
  • HME Trail Camera Holder Post

    HME-TCH-P features:Easy step-in design with dual prong prevents twisting, Lightweight design, 1/4’’ by 20mm thread to accommodate most cameras on the market, Wing nut for easy vertical adjustment ,
    $19.38 save 16%
  • Moultrie Mount Straps 2 pk.

    These mount straps will fit Moultrie cameras and allow you to upgrade or replace existing camera straps. The straps are durable and are 8 feet long and one inch wide.
    $10.18 save 12%
  • Realtree T-Post Bracket Game Camera Mounting Bracket

    The T-Post allows you to mount your camera to a post or pole (or small tree). The ball head camera mount allows the camera to be easily rotated and leveled.
    $8.35 save 20%
  • Spypoint Screw-In Tree Camera Mount 260 degree

    The Spypoint Mounting Arm Kit allows for more flexible and creative camera mounting options. The mounting arm kit screws directly into the tree and offers 360° of rotation and almost 90° of tilt, ensuring optimal camera placement in almost any situation.
    $24.43 save 15%