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Tuning Fixtures

2 products

Specialty Archery
Specialty Archery
2 products


  • 30-06 Paper Tune-It System

    Archery paper tuning system that assures proper arrow flight. Gives easy step-by-step archery tuning tips. Lightweight and portable for use anywhere. Includes tuning station and 10 sheets of “how to� tuning paper.
    $16.44 save 16%
  • 30-06 Paper Tune-It System 20 pk. Refill

    Includes 20 sheets of “how to� tuning paper. Gives easy step-by-step archery tuning tips.
    $11.60 save 20%
  • Archery Shooter Draw Pro Stand For Use with Draw Winch

    For use with Bow Draw Winch. Allows the bow to pivot up and down to check 3rd axis. Heavy-duty steel construction design. Disassembles for easy storage.
    $69.51 save 15%
  • Archery Shooter Draw Winch

    Draw winch can be easily mounted on a bench, table, or used with the Bow Draw Pro stand (sold separately). Works with bows up to 90 lbs. draw weight. Great for checking draw length and cam timing.
    $136.66 save 15%
  • Archery Shooter Paper Tuner Folding Wall Mount

    Paper tuning fixture that mounts to the wall. Folds against the wall to save space when not in use. Will handle paper rolls up to 26� wide. Includes 18�x75 ft. paper roll.
    $74.84 save 15%
  • Archery Shooters Pro Paper Tuning Station

    Easy to set up and use free standing tuning station that features lightweight construction. Includes one roll of paper: 18"x75".
    $187.80 save 14%
  • Specialty Archery Paper Tuner

    The Paper Arrow Tuner will allow you to fine tune your arrow flight with ease. The first stage in tuning for correct arrow flight is to shoot the arrow through thin paper at a distance of 6 to 8 feet. This will give you an idea of how to adjust your nocking point or arrow rest. This will also give you an indication if your arrow is properly spined for the bow. There are additional ways to tune for perfect arrow flight that are included in the instructions.
    $162.32 save 14%
  • Specialty Archery Tuning Paper Small Roll

    Small Paper Roll is 12" wide by 180' long.
    $12.99 save 18%