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Misc Scent Control

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Dead Down Wind
Dead Down Wind
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Nose Jammer
Nose Jammer
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Scent Kapture
Scent Kapture
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Scent Relief
Scent Relief
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Wildlife Research
Wildlife Research
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  • Atsko Zero N-O-Dor II Powder 4 oz.

    Zero residue, hypo-allergenic formula. A combination of adsorbers, including Abscents crystals which soak up every trace of odor into permanent storage, while increasing pH to slow the creation of new odor. The powder performs wet or dry and washes away easily.
    $11.79 save 24%
  • Dead Down Wind Boot/Storage Powder 4 oz.

    Controls odors in your shoes or clothing storage containers. Can be applied directly to skin or used in storage applications.
    $6.67 save 23%
  • Dead Down Wind Lip Balm 2 pk.

    Protect your lips from dry, cold, and windy conditions. Odorless lip balm offers SPF 30 protection from the sun and moisturizes lips.
    $5.17 save 23%
  • Dead Down Wind Man Scrubber

    The Man Scrubber by Dead Down Wind features an innovative showering experience that will not only hide odor but annihilate it. With Dead Down Wind’s ScentPrevent Technology, enzymes actively work to seek and destroy bacteria right at the source. The dual sided pad offers smooth and scrubbing sides. Will last up to 30 showers. Includes a lanyard and resealable package.
    $9.98 save 24%
  • Dead Down Wind Mouth Spray 2 oz.

    Helps to prevent the production of human mouth odor caused by smoke, chewing tobacco, or other issues. Fresh mint flavor.
    $5.07 save 23%
  • Dead Down Wind Stain Remover 12 oz.

    The Stain Remover from Dead Down Wind is safe on a wide-range of materials. Dead Down Wind’s Stain Remover annihilates the stains that you acquire whether you in the woods, shop or just being you.
    $6.53 save 23%
  • Dead Down Wind Toothpaste 3.5 oz.

    Helps to eliminate odors in the mouth with ScentPrevent technology. Reduces bacteria found in plaque and freshens with a mint flavor.
    $5.07 save 23%
  • HME Heavy Duty Ozone Holder

    HME-HDOH features:Dual jointed hang arm for ozonics or camera, Easily allows for multiple hang positions to accommodate wind or any other set up, 360 degree Angle adjustment
    $17.49 save 20%


  • Hunters Specialties Scent-Safe Storage Bag

    Resealable/Reusable scent-safe bag made of specially formulated plastic keeps gear and clothing scent-free. Lock out odors and/or lock in cover scents. Zipper slide closure system. Dimensions are 36" x 28".
    $11.67 save 22%
  • Illusion PhaZe Body Lotion 8 oz.

    PhaZe 1 Body Lotion is a full-body application designed to penetrate, condition and heal your skin to eliminate dander. These absorbing qualities, combined with Z-technology, work together to encapsulate odor molecules before they are released.
    $10.74 save 24%
  • Nose Jammer Hand/Body Lotion 5 oz.

    Protects skin from exposure to the elements and creates a scent barrier of Nose Jammer directly on your skin. Non-greasy and fast absorbing.
    $6.46 save 23%
  • Scent Kapture After the Hunt 4 oz.

    Super Charged Hand Scrub designed to take the fish smell and other game smells off of your hands. This emollient based cleaner removes grease, paint, tar, grime, carbon black, ink, and adhesives and odor. Enhanced with Scent Kapture Odor Encapsulating Technology that controls odors on contact by odor encapsulation and elimination.
    $7.01 save 23%
  • Scent Relief No More Odor Pee Pot

    Scent Reliefs No More Odor Pee Pot neutralizes human urine.
    $12.40 save 22%
  • Wildlife Research Scent Killer No Zone Tote Tamers 2 pk.

    Toss the Tote Tamers into boots, bags and totes for all season odor and moisture protection. This is an ozone free alternative that does not require batteries.
    $13.25 save 22%