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  • TenPoint ACUdraw

    The patented ACUdraw is one of the most user friendly and practical solution available on the market today for cocking a crossbow effortlessly and accurately. Fully integrated into the stock, with no dangling parts, it requires only the strength of the average person’s index finger to operate. The ACUdraw allows hunters of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy the great experience of bowhunting. Includes adapter plates to fit any Wicked Ridge model.
    $297.01 save 19%
  • TenPoint ACUdraw Pro

    Completely silent, and fully integrated into the stock, the ACUdraw PRO converts crossbow draw weights to 5 pounds of effort. It features a newly designed internal gear system that silently cocks the crossbow and reduces the number of cranks needed to do so to 12 an incredible 40 percent faster than previous ACUdraw models. With an auto-engaging lever and ACUtorq crank handle that eliminates the possibility of over-cranking, it is the fastest, lightest, quietest, and safest cocking device on the market. ACUtorq crank handle sold separately.
    $403.09 save 19%
  • TenPoint ACUdraw Replacement Crank

    Replacement ACUdraw hand crank.
    $39.84 save 19%
  • TenPoint ACUdraw Replacement Draw Cord

    Replacement ACUdraw cord for post 1998 models.
    $18.71 save 20%
  • TenPoint ACUslide Safety Kit LH

    Change your safety from right hand to left hand on your ACUslide Series crossbow.
    $12.07 save 22%
  • TenPoint Claw Holder

    Claw holder to keep the Acudraw claw in place on the stock when not in use. Fits TenPoint bow models with a longer stock. Not for use with the Functionally Superior Bullpup stock.
    $18.71 save 20%
  • TenPoint Retraction Power Spring After 2006

    Retraction Spring for the Acudraw unit. This spring is made for models post 2006.
    $18.71 save 20%
  • TenPoint Xtend Adjustable Crank Handle Universal

    The XTEND Crank Handle starts at a compact 5 inches long and extends to 7.5 inches. When extended to it full length, the crank handle decreases the cocking effort by 45% over the standard crank handle. Also included are parts to convert the XTEND Adjustable Crank from a square drive to hex drive for use on ACUdraw PRO or ACUdraw units.
    $78.61 save 19%
  • TenPoint Xtend Crank Handle fits Havoc and Siege

    The XTEND Crank Handle starts at a compact 5-inches long and extend to its user-friendly length of 6 inches. When extended to its full length, the crank handle decreases the cocking effort by up to 45% over the standard crank handle.
    $78.61 save 19%