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Broadhead Sharpeners

G5 Outdoors
G5 Outdoors
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  • G5 Montec Diamond Sharpener

    A sharpening stone that comes with a vinyl carrying case. Size of the stone is 2 x 4 inches.
  • G5 Sportsman Sharpener

    The Sportsman Sharpener features a universal design that can be used for both broadheads and knives.
  • Lansky Broadhead Sharpener - Wrench

    Broadhead sharpener with built in broadhead wrench.
    $7.02 save 14%
  • Muzzy Redi-Edge Sharpener

    Carbide sharpener produces the same sharp edge on knives and broadheads without removing the blades from the ferrule.
    $18.51 save 12%
  • RediEdge Broadhead Holder - Black

    The Redi-Edge Broadhead Holder is a tool that we created to make sharpening your broadheads safer and easier. All you have to do is attach your broadhead to the threaded end of the holder and draw the broadhead through the sharpener.
  • RediEdge Mechanical Sharpener - Broadhead

    Sharpening a mechanical broadhead requires a harder material than the material you are trying to sharpen. The curved handle gives you a sturdy grip while you use the Duromite cutters to put the perfect edge on your mechanical broadheads every time. The Redi-Edge Mechanical Broadhead Sharpener's Duromite cutter blades are factory-set at a 30 degree inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 15 degree double edge on your broadheads.
    $18.52 save 12%
  • RediEdge Snuffer Sharpener

    The thumb insert gives you a sturdy grip while you use the Duromite cutters to put the perfect edge on your snuffer broadheads every time. The Redi-Edge Snuffer Broadhead Sharpener's Duromite cutter blades are factory-set at a 62 degree inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 31 degree double edge on your broadheads.
    $23.94 save 11%
  • Smiths Broadhead Sharpener

    Smith’s Broadhead Sharpener is specially designed to sharpen broadheads. It features two pre-set tungsten carbide blades to ensure the perfect sharpening angle every time. It is lightweight, durable, and features a built-in broadhead wrench, making it easy to remove three, four, and five blade broadheads.


  • Smiths Edge Stick Knife and - Broadhead Sharpener

    Smith’s EdgeStick Knife and Broadhead Sharpener features carbide blades for quick edge setting on very dull or damaged blades, precision ground carbides provide a sharper cutting edge, fine diamond stone for final edge honing, interrupted surface on diamond stone speed sharpening process, diamond stone can be used with or without a sharpening lubricant, diamond stone will not wear down like natural stone, cast aluminum Housing for durability and a fabric storage pouch for storage and easy transport.
    $17.10 save 13%
  • Smiths Mechanical Broadhead - Sharpening System

    The system contains all the tools you need to disassemble, sharpen, and re-assemble a mechanical broadhead. There is a multi-blade wrench for loosening and tightening the broadhead onto your arrow and a broadhead mount in the bottom of the system to mount your broadhead to during disassembly or assembly. There is also a jig to hold the loose blades of the mechanical broadhead during sharpening. A 4” x 1 5/8” Natural Arkansas Sharpening Stone is used for sharpening the blades of either a mechanical broadhead or a Fixed-blade broadhead. Features of the Mechanical Broadhead Sharpening System include 6 different size tool bits, magnetic strip in the bottom of the tray to hold small pieces and avoid loss of parts and a plastic storage container.
  • Swhacker HDX3 Sharpener

    The HDX3 is a multi-sharpener, dual angle sharpening system designed for use with razor blades, broadheads, and knives. Features two broadhead tip tighteners.


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