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Bowfishing Arrows and Accs
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  • AMS AnKor FX Bowfishing Point - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The AMS AnKor FX, with its AMS Cyclone tip has all the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. Its lightweight design, stainless steel construction, collapsed barbs and short body offer great penetration. The AnKor FX is great for all fish but is exceptional for softer fleshed or larger fish due to its great penetration and holding power. The barbs are collapsed on the shot allowing the smallest entry hole possible. When engaged in the fish, three barbs spread to 2.5” of holding area. Fish removal is simple, just loosen the tip a couple turns to flip the barbs.
    $24.42 save 16%
  • Fin Finder Rock Solid Reel Seat - Blue - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Bowfishing reel seat constructed of tournament grade aluminum. Mounts to front stabilizer bushing to securely attach a Spincast style reel.
    $22.77 save 16%
  • Muzzy XD Bowfishing Reel - Pro w/150 lb. line - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Spincast bowfishing reel with a lever switch to engage the reel. Gives the bowfisherman a positive visual indicator of whether or not the reel is in free spool. Extended hood provides smoother line flow in increased effective shot distance. Includes a compact, lightweight stainless steel bracket that eliminates the need for a separate reel seat. Comes pre-spooled with 150 lb. braided spectra line.
    $97.96 save 15%
  • TruGlo Accu-X Capture Bowfishing Rest - Black - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Built with replaceable waterproof brushes for fast and easy arrow loading. Lightweight and compact design with full windage and elevation adjustments for right and left handed shooters.
    $15.60 save 15%
  • Truglo LED Bow Light - White/Green LED - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The LED Bow Light features machined aircraft aluminum construction. Includes: interchangeable LED capsules (White 250 lumens, Green 150 lumens), pressure switch, tail cap, spare battery and AC/DC charging system. Attaches to the stabilizer mount of any bow. Great for bowfishing and hog and predator hunting.
    $72.39 save 15%
  • TruGlo Spring Fisher Bowfishing Arrow - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Spring Fisher bowfishing point features a spring locking barb that holds fish firmly during retrieval and allows quick release without unscrewing the tip. Constructed of premium grade hardened stainless steel. Comes on a fluorescent green fiberglass shaft with slide, stop and nock.
    $23.08 save 16%
  • TruGlo Spring-Shot Bowfishing Rest - Black - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Bowfishing rest offers fast and easy arrow loading with a durable stainless steel spring coil for total arrow containment. Adjustable for windage and elevation on right and left handed bows.
    $17.15 save 15%