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  • Brownell 1D Twisted Serving - Black .019 100 yds.

    End serving is constructed three-ply for a rounder strand to counteract separation.
    $22.27 save 16%
  • Brownell Cable Fix - White .005 100 yds.

    Used to serve over separation areas on buss cables to eliminate further separation and eliminates the need to re-serve the entire cable. Also works great for end loop servings, 100 percent HMPE material in white but goes on clear. Can also be used to serve the cable slide area.
    $44.49 save 16%
  • Brownell Diamondback Serving - Black/ Green .018

    Brownell Diamondback braided serving material is a quality serving that is easy to work with and is used by archers around the world. Designed for all bow strings, whether Flemish twist or endless loop. Since it has a higher polyester count than Spectra, it offers a superior grip on the string and is long wearing. Diamondback serving is long lasting and the unique braided HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) and polyester construction gives superior grip and lays flat for extra tight serves and stays put and will not unravel and will not separate. The diamondback serving works great when you are using a loop on your centre serving but is also suitable for end serving, around cams and wheels.
    $21.40 save 15%