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Sight Lights

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Copper John
Copper John
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Dead Ringer
Dead Ringer
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IQ Sights
IQ Sights
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Specialty Archery
Specialty Archery
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Zbros Archery
Zbros Archery
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  • Axcel Sight Light

    Variable rheostat sight light with white LED for use with all colors of fibers. Fits Axcel Armortech hunting sights and Axcel scopes with the YCS connection system.
    $26.80 save 16%
  • Black Gold Sight Light

    LED sight light with adjustable intensity. Operates over 30 hours on one set of batteries. Fits Black Gold single pin sight housings and sights with bracket installed.
    $18.31 save 15%


  • Black Gold Sight Light - w/ Bracket

    LED sight light with adjustable intensity. Operates over 30 hours on one set of batteries. Includes bracket for use with Black Gold sights with multi-pin sight housings.
    $26.72 save 14%


  • CBE Rheostat Light

    A variable setting rheostat light that features adjustable pin brightness settings.
    $19.67 save 14%
  • Copper John After Burner Sight Light

    LED sight light for Copper John sights. Does not include light bracket.
    $11.87 save 16%
  • Dead Ringer Sight Light

    This LED sight light features an adustable rheostat control. Fits 1/4-28, 3/8-32, 3/8-36 and 7/16-20 thread.
    $13.82 save 16%
  • Gibbs LP Waterproof Light Gaurd - Black - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Waterproof cover for you LP sight light.
    $7.78 save 15%
  • HHA 2500 Blue Burst Light - w/ Rheostat

    Shorter, compact design allows light to shine directly on the fiber and doesn’t shine inside the housing. Infinite rheostat controls light intensity and fits all HHA sights excluding the 3000 series of sights. Great for hunters when hunting out of ground blinds.
    $36.51 save 16%
  • IQ Sight Light

    Adjustable rheostat control sight light with purple LED. The knob control allows you to change brightness from low to high intensity.Reduces pin glare at dawn and dusk. Includes adapters for sizes 1/4"-28, 3/8"-32, 3/8"-36, 7/16"-30 thread sizes.
    $24.14 save 16%
  • Specialty Archery Super 7 Bright Sight

    The Super 7 Bright Sight has 7 colors (green, blue, light blue, red, amber, violet, and white). It has a variable brightness adjustment as well as a solid or blinking light option. The light automatically shuts off after 5 minutes to prolong battery life. It operates on one AAA battery (lithium batteries recommended). The battery life can be tested by pressing and holding the on button. The Super 7 Bright Sight memory stores the color, brightness, and flashing settings that were last used. Unit weighs 1.6oz with battery. For use on all Specialty Archery scopes, requires the use of a Glow Ring and 007 Fiber Kit. Also compatible with other manufacturers’ scopes, requires the use of our 007 Fiber Kits.
    $235.22 save 15%
  • Spot Hogg Sight Light

    LED sight light with adjustable brightness dial. Fits all Spot-Hogg pin sights.
    $16.66 save 10%
  • SureLoc Sight Light

    This is a must need accessory for your SureLoc sight to increase visibility in low light situations. No more lost pins in low light, easily adjust for varying light conditions and ready to use out of the box. Adjustable rheostat control works on both RH and LH sights. Batteries included.
    $50.36 save 9%
  • TruGlo Bowhunters Sight Light

    LED task light can be mounted to the bow to light sight pins, or other sporting equipment. Features a flexible neck that retains shape and a removable clip.
    $15.42 save 15%


  • TruGlo Lite-All Sight Pin Light

    LED sight light with housing adapters to fit most common thread sizes. Features easy on/off operation.
    $16.08 save 15%
  • TruGlo Tru-Lite Pro Adjustable Sight Light

    LED sight light with twist click knob for 3 levels of brightness. Features easy on/off and long battery life. Includes adapters to fit most popular sight brands.
    $21.49 save 15%
  • TruGlo Tru-Lite Xtreme Violet Sight Light

    LED sight light with housing adapters to fit most common thread sizes. Features adjustable rheostat for infinite brightness settings.
    $23.61 save 16%
  • Viper Sight Light - 3 Stage Ulitra Violet

    Sight light for Viper sights. Features rheostat intensity control.
    $14.99 save 16%


  • Viper The Charge Sight Light - Rechargeable

    Viper The Charge Sight Light is a long-lasting, rechargeable battery sight light. The Sight Light fits thread sizes ¼-28, 7/16-20, and 3/8-32, and is rechargeable using an included Micro USB cord. Charging time is less than one hour and the light will last for at least four hours on a single charge. It has three stages of brightness; low, medium, and high. It’s waterproof, and turns on and off with the press of a single button. At the end of a long day of usage, you simply recharge the battery overnight, and never have to worry about running out of power again.
    $24.56 save 16%
  • Zbros Evolution Plus Sight Light

    The Evolution Plus sight light features a USB rechargeable battery, easy battery replacement, 100 percent weatherproof design, improved keypad, enhanced button recognition, battery voltage level indicator, improved USB plug cover, weather tight LED cable, Smart Power Off settings, 8 programmable timer settings, full scale brightness adjustment, Multi-Color LED cable with quick disconnect and Pick Your Color Mode. Includes: Evolution Plus controller, attachment strap, 1/4-28 LED (main housing), 8-32 housing (Alt. housing), 3/8-32 thread adapter, no-thread adapter, clear fiber tube, LED housing clamp, USB charging cable and instruction card.
    $193.20 save 16%
  • Zbros Light Dock

    The Light Dock allows for easy and convenient placement of your Zbros sight light along the dovetail extension of your sight. No more Velcro straps or zip ties, back plate uses 3 pairs of spacers to custom fit to your sight extension snugly. Once the light dock is secured onto the sight bar, your Zbros sight light easily clips in and out. Includes clip, backplate and 3 pair of spacers (high, meduim, low). For Zbros Evolution, Evolution Plus and Essential sight lights only.
    $27.56 save 16%