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  • SureLoc Carbonic Aluminum Tape Kit

    Make sure you bow is on target by integrating the aluminum tape kit. Plates are marked on both front and back and are easily reversed to get you dialed in.
    $34.69 save 16%
  • SureLoc Hunting Attachment - Black

    Easily convert your favorite SureLoc target sight into a field ready hunting unit. No more switching out different sights to your bow and wasting valuable time sighting in. Spend more time in the woods by integrating the SureLoc Hunting attachment.
    $153.29 save 5%
  • SureLoc Mounting Block Assembly

    Designed for rock-solid security of your sight. Make easy and effective adjustments with the SureLoc mounting blocks featuring a detent locator notch for precise placement of your extension to keep you on target.
    $34.69 save 16%
  • SureLoc Quick Detach Assembly - Carbonic

    Designed for the Carbonic frame, easily and effectively detach sight for safe storage from event to event.
    $51.83 save 7%
  • SureLoc Recurve Aperture Holder

    Recurve Aperture holds with Beiter washer and Beiter 8mm sight tunnel. Available in black or silver.
    $100.79 save 1%
  • SureLoc Sight Tape Cover

    Protect the sight tapes on your SureLoc sight with this tape cover.
    $34.69 save 16%