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Eye and Ear Protection

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  • Allen Foam Reuseable Earplugs - 25 pr.

    Reusable foam ear plugs are comfortable and easy to use. Noise Reduction Rating: 32dB.
    $7.21 save 15%
  • Allen Standard Safety Ear Muff

    Muff style hearing protection has a flexible and adjustable head strap with foam cushioned ear pads. Feature a noise reduction rating of 23.
    $10.23 save 16%
  • Walkers Foam Ear Plugs - 10 pk.

    Conform to shape of ear, foam tips are ideal for louder environments. Convenient 5 pair pack includes plastic carrying case. NRR 30dB.
    $3.55 save 15%
  • Walkers Game Ear HD Power Elite - Beige

    WGE-XGE4B features:Four Digital Sound Processing Channels, 20 Bit Audio Processor for crisp clear sound, 8 band graphic equalizer, Nano-Tech Waterproofing, Automatic Feedback Control
    $287.07 save 15%
  • Walkers Kids/Baby Muffs - Camo

    Designed to provide comfortable and effective hearing protection for children's sensitive hearing. The smaller muff size is ideal youth protection to suppress harmful loud noises. Feature soft foam ear pads, ultra-compact design, low profile contoured cup and padded headband.
    $20.46 save 15%
  • Walkers Passive Muffs

    Passive protection folding muff featuring a noise reduction rating of NRR 31 dB. Low profile contoured cup, a padded headband, and soft PVC ear pads ensure maximum comfort.
    $15.41 save 15%
  • Walkers Passive Neckband - Retractable Earplugs - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Neck worn passive protection featuring three different size ear tips and retractable earbuds.
    $22.32 save 15%
  • Walkers Razor Digital Muff

    GWP-DRSEM features:Clear digital sound, Lightening Fast reaction time, Wind noise reduction, Auto shut off - 4 hours, NRR 23
    $75.01 save 15%
  • Walkers Razor Quad Muff

    Ultra-low profile quad muff with Bluetooth technology, giving you the ability to sync with mobile devices. Features an audio input jack, compact folding design, integrated communication mic, rubberized coating, and four hi gain omni directional microphones. Recessed volume control knob and comfortable headband with metal wire frame. Low noise frequency tuned for natural sound clarity. Sound activated compression provides .02 second reaction time. Includes 2 AAA batteries.
    $97.59 save 15%
  • Walkers Razor X Hearing Enhancement - Retractable Ear Buds

    GWP-NHE features:Retractable Digital Ear buds, NRR 31dB, Sound Activated Compression, Powered by Rechargeable LIPO battery 250mAH battery for 10 hours of “normal” use., Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones for clear sound enhancement.
    $132.36 save 15%
  • Walkers Razor XV Hearing Enhancement - Bluetooth

    GWP-NHE-BT features:Retractable Digital Ear buds, Bluetooth Connectivity, Independent Volume Control, NRR 31dB, Sound Activated Compression
    $162.15 save 16%
  • Walkers Silencer Digital Ear - Protection 2 pk.

    Digital sound protection and enhancement ear buds with Sound Activated Compression technology. Features include OS-R3110 digital sound processing, independent volume control, integrated omni directional microphones and full dynamic range speakers that deliver crisp clear sound. Removable lanyard and carrying case included. Powered by #10 batteries.
    $202.22 save 1%
  • Walkers Silencer ITE Muff - Rechargeable

    GWP-SLCRRC features:Advanced Digital Circuit, Dynamic Wind Noise Reduction, Variable Gunshot Suppression, Auto Shut Off (programmable) , Rechargeable
    $228.34 save 15%
  • Walkers XCEL Digital Electronic Muff - 500BT Bluetooth/Voice Clarity

    The Xcel Muffs feature an advanced digital circuit, Bluetooth connectivity, variable dynamic sound suppression, four listening modes, voice mode navigation, wind noise reduction, auto shut off, ergonomic headband and low battery warming.
    $128.34 save 15%
  • Walkers Youth Active Ear Muffs - Electronic Muff Pink - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Youth Active Muff features a NRR of 22, comfort head band, sound activated compression, single mic amplification and a limit of 85db.
    $52.03 save 15%
  • Walkers Youth Active Ear Muffs - Electronic Muff Royal Blue - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Youth Active Muff features a NRR of 22, comfort head band, sound activated compression, single mic amplification and a limit of 85db.
    $52.03 save 15%