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  • Carter 2 Moons Release - 3 Finger Size: Large

    Back tension release with a micro adjustable clicker. Split moon allows adjustment to the click in .005" increments from 0 to .030. Speed of the release can also be adjusted by just 2 degrees as a time. Colors are as supplied by the manufacturer.
    $158.94 save 16%


  • Carter Evolution 20 Release - 3 Finger

    The Evolution 20 is the new and improved resistance activated release from Carter Enterprises. This 3 finger release uses one spring and has an adjustable hold weight of 8-40 lbs. To close the jaw, push down on the hasp until it snaps into the closed position and the release is reset. Weighs 3.2 oz.
    $230.06 save 15%
  • Carter Honey 2 Release - 3 Finger

    Hinged back tension release with two safety options: automatically return to fire position after letting go of the knob or manually push the knob to the fire position. Floating head allows the shooter to anchor before disengaging the safety and beginning the shot sequence. Release speed can be easily adjusted with the adjustable sear engagement. Smooth, fingerless handle to fit any hand size. Colors are as supplied by the manufacturer.
    $222.45 save 15%