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SWAT Broadheads


  • SWAT A4 Broadheads - 2 in. 100 gr. 3 pk.

    On impact the A4 cuts a devastating hole of 2 inches which opens the hide and allows easy penetration of the secondary internal cutting blades. At the entry of the rib cage the secondary 1.75" cutting blades open which changes the shape of the two blade entry to an extremely massive wound channel through the vital organs. As the A4 leaves the animal it exits with a 4 blade exit wound that can only be described as maximum carnage. Penetration and extreme hemorrhage is achieved with the X-OUT tip and cutting action of all blades in 4 AXIS design. The frame is constructed of 7075-T6 Aluminum 1.5 times stronger than 6061. The extra strength of the 7075-T6 frame maximizes durability for multiple kills. All Blades are .032" thick and sharpened to a .2 on the BSI index (.2 = new scalpel sharp) and are constructed of 420 Stainless Steel and hardened for extreme use.
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  • SWAT A4 Mini Broadheads - 100 gr. 3 pk.

    The A4 Mini cuts 1.5" on entry and an additional 1.5" exit for a massive wound channel with great penetration.
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  • SWAT Ballistic Broadheads - 100 gr. 3 pk.

    Using the SWAT Broadhead Parabolic Shape and Multi Axis Cutting Technology the Ballistic provides 100 grains of field point Accuracy at unlimited speeds. The SWAT Ballistic is built with the same material and tolerance standards as all SWAT Broadheads. Ferrule constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum. 440C tip blades are perpendicular and on a different axis than the 420ss mechanical blades for 8 cutting edges on 4 axis.
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  • SWAT C4 Broadheads - 1.5 in. 100 gr. 3 pk. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    C4 Mechanical Broadhead. Small, compact, maximum penetration. Shipped in 100 grains remove the collars and reduce the weight to 85 grains. The frame is constructed of 7075-T6 the C4 cuts 1.5+ in two directions when deployed for a 4 blade exit wound. The X-OUT tip and mechanical blades are all on a different axis for maximum hemorrhage and internal wound channel/damage. The blades are constructed of 420 SS.
    $43.90 save 16%
  • SWAT Hybrid Broadheads - 100 gr. 3 pk.

    The Swat Hybrid is a fixed blade broadhead that can also be shot as a mechanical. The ferrule is constructed of hardened stainless steel and the .036” 420 stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and durable. The Swat Hybrid cuts 1 1/8” in two directions for a devastating 4 blade 2 1/4” wound channel.
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  • SWAT Vector Broadheads - 100 gr. 3 pk.

    The Swat Vector is constructed of the same materials as all Swat broadheads. The ferrule is constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum which is stronger and lighter than titanium. The X-Out tip is as strong as a chisel point with 4 cutting edges and constructed of 440C and the mechanical blades are constructed of 420 SS. The Swat Vector is fully micro adjustable for cutting diameter and blade angle from 1”-1.75”. Now the hunter can tune their broadhead to the kinetic energy of their set up or the size of the game being hunted.
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  • SWAT X4 Broadheads - 90/100 gr. 3 pk.

    The X4 broadhead features 1" two directions X-CUT totaling  2" entry hole, 1.5" two directions X-CUT internal and exit cut totaling 3" exit, 440C stainless steel X-OUT tip blades, 420 stainless steel mechanical blades, 4 axis cutting totaling 8 cutting edges and a 7075-T6 ferrule.
    $50.19 save 16%