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Dead Ringer


  • Dead Ringer Hyper Strike - Broadhead 100 gr. 3 pk.

    Fixed blade broadhead designed to shatter bone and offer increased penetration. Features stainless steel trocar tip.


  • Dead Ringer The Butcher - Broadhead 100 gr. 3 pk.

    Fixed blade broadhead designed for increased penetration. Great for lower kinetic energy setups. Features skeltonized blades for maximum cutting diameter and bleeder blades for better blood trails. Cutting Diameter: 1 1/16".
    $27.92 save 10%
  • Dead Ringer The PSD Broadhead - 100/125 gr. 3 pk.

    The PSD broadhead is a 2 blade, fixed blade broadhead that features durable steel construction that cuts on contact for more pass throughs. The brass alignment collar adds weight for a 125 grain head or it can be removed for a 100 grain head. 1 1/8” cutting diameter.
    $36.65 save 16%