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  • Saunders Firing-Line Release - Trainer Right Hand/Left Hand

    Designed for training as well as tuning. It's compact and has a draw length adjustment and a 26 lb pull. Great for practicing your form and release when you can't get to the range. It also aids in setting up your release tension.
    $93.46 save 15%
  • Saunders Power Pull - Upper Body Conditioner

    Compact go anywhere training aid. Double band design allows you to tone muscles when using one band and increase muscle mass with both bands. Pulling both bands at once is equivalent to a 70 lb bow at a 31" draw.
    $29.16 save 16%
  • Saunders Power Pull - Upper Body Conditioner w/ Weights

    Power Pull is an upper body conditioner. Build stronger back, arms and chest muscles in the first week. Pull one band high reps for improving muscle tone or two bands to increase muscle. The weights make the unit comparable to your fully equipped bow.
    $59.24 save 15%
  • Saunders Trap Builder - Back Tension Trainer 30-80lbs.

    The Trap Builder allows the archer to isolate the lower trapesus muscle and draw using the back instead of the arm and shoulder muscles. Recurve archers adjust it to full draw weight and compound archers to let off weight. Easy to adjust, lightweight and compact. Excellent tournament warm up tool.
    $64.47 save 15%