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Vista Renegade Quiver - Hard Body, 18", Camo, Hard Body, RH/LH

Vista Renegade Quiver - Hard Body, 18", Camo, Hard Body, RH/LH Stock Photos - pictures may not match the actual item. Please refer to product description


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Product Description

Vista Renegade Qvr Camo Hard Body

Quiver is equipped with a 9.5" _ 5.5" _ 2" accessory pocket that has a score card and pencil slots. Pocket is removable to be used as a belt pouch. Four arrow tubes included. Can be changed from right to left hand with a simple adjustment.
  • Size: 18"
  • Color: Camo
  • Style: Hard Body
  • RH/LH: RH/LH

    20" long and equipped with a 9.5"" x 5.5"" x 2"" accessory pocket that has a score card slot and pencil slot. Pocket is removeable to be used as a belt pouch. 4 arrow tubes included. Can be used by both right and left hand shooters. Camo in color.  RELATED ITEMS: Quiver clips black (#3860-4828)"
    Vista Renegade Qvr Camo Hard Body
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