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Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro Standard Rest - Black, Black, LEFT HAND

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro Standard Rest - Black, Black, LEFT HAND Stock Photos - pictures may not match the actual item. Please refer to product description


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VT Limbdriver Pro Std Black LEFT HAND CAT ERR/PIC WRG 10

Drop away style rest where the draw cord is attached to the bow limb, not the cables. When the bow is at rest the cord is taut, holding the launcher down. When the bow is drawn the cord relaxes, allowing the launcher to elevate into the shooting position. This rest gives you minimum contact and maximum clearance.
  • Color: Black
  • RH/LH: LH

    Drop away style rest with a unique design. The draw cord is attached to the upper limb
    VT Limbdriver Pro Std Black LEFT HAND CAT ERR/PIC WRG 10
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