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Turkey Calls - Push Button

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Hunters Specialties
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Quaker Boy
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  • Flextone Si-Clops Push Button - Turkey Call

    The Si-series Si-Clops push button turkey call features a walnut body and striker for high pitch tones. Creates easy yelps, clucks and purrs. The volume is easily adjustable by varying the amount of pressure you put on the top of the striker surface.
  • HS Push Button Yelper Call

    Made from select walnut, this call s easy to use and offers fingertip control. Good for soft clucks, purrs and yelps. Includes chalk.
  • MAD RIP Stroker Turkey Call

    Adjustable push button call that works even when wet. Creates high frequency hen talk that gobblers cannot resist.
  • MAD RIP Yelper Turkey Call

    Pump-action one handed design is a user friendly call to make realistic yelps that can be focused in one direction.
  • Primos Bombshell Turkey Call

    Simply push the rail to automatically yelp, tap the rail to cut, and slowly press the rail to purr or whine. The Bombshell’s rail can be adjusted to tune the call for higher or raspier pitch. It can also be locked for quiet carry. In addition to all of this, the Bombshell is designed to be mounted to your shotgun so you can call with very little motion to bring that gobbler in close.
  • QB Easy Yelper Trky Call

    Simple one hand push pin operation. Made of maple and walnut. Reproduces all turkey talk.
  • QB H20 Waterproof Easy Yelper

    Friction call with one handed operation. This waterproof call will function in the best of conditions or in heavy rain storms. Requires no chalking.
  • Quaker Boy Cyclone Waterproof Push Pin Call

    QB Cyclone WP Push Pin Call