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TRU Ball


  • TomRes Speed Nok

    Speed-Nok with peep-aligner tail. Machined aluminum features no-bite rocker radius to eliminate arrow nock pinch. Adjusts for rotating and location on bowstring. Designed for finger shooters.
  • TomRes T.R.U. Nok

    Machined anodized aluminum, 2 piece construction with peep aligning crossbar that maintains loop position behind arrow. Use with rope or caliper jaw release.
  • TomRes Tru Speed Loop

    Designed to eliminate nock pinch at full draw and align peep without the use of peep tubing. Made from the highest-quality aircraft grade aluminum. Replace worn rope without losing nocking point or peep alignment. Comes with metal nock aligner and black speed loop. For standard nocks.
  • TomRes Spyder Speed Silencer

    Spider shaped string silencer that can increase bow speed with proper installation. Durable material lasts thousands of shots.
  • TRU Ball Fang RC Release - Black Large Buckle Strap

    Ergonomically designed hook style release featuring a rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel. Separate adjustments for trigger travel and adjustment allow for a customized setting. Forward trigger, swept back trigger, and varied weight trigger springs are included.
  • TRU Ball Fulkrum Release - Brass 3 Finger Medium

    Brass hinge release with enclosed index finger hole and adjustable thumb peg. Features Lever Alignment System which allows the archer to move the head of the release around the outside edge of the index finger. This movement of the head changes the pivot point to match the archer’s shooting style. Includes two different speed dials for a fast or slow click. Can be used with or without a click.
  • TRU Ball Honey Badger Claw - Release Brass 3 Finger Medium

    Hinge release made from solid brass with a machined grip pattern and increased tapered ergonomic handle. Features a micro-adjustable speed dial and three position thumb peg. Release can be shot with or without a click.
  • TRU Ball Abyss Release - Brass 3 Finger Medium

    Thumb activated release that used the exact same handle as the Fulkrum hinge release. Features unique three stage tension adjustment system and a simple locking travel adjustment screw. Comes standard with an adjustable thumb trigger so the release can be tailored to any archer.