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Trapping Lures

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  • Rickard?s Trapping Lure - Wildcat, 1.25oz.

    Rickard Wildcat Lure 1 1/4oz
  • Rickard Skunk Essence 1oz

    Is genuine quill taken from the skunk gland. Used by Trappers as a lure ingredient and as a special attractor near their sets.
  • Rickard Red and Grey Fox Lure - 1 1/4oz

    Formula appeals to both red and grey fox. The special passion ingredients will attract and hold the fox at the set until caught.
  • Rickard Raccoon Lure 1 1/4oz

    Unique formula that actually gets stronger the longer it's at the set. Raccoon will refuse to pass without investigating first.
  • Rickard Muskrat Lure 1 1/4oz

    While the muskrat is the easiest to catch this lure will significantly add to the trappers catch. Lures them in from a great distance.
  • Rickard Mink Lure 1 1/4oz

    Potent and long lasting formula that lures them in like none other.
  • Rickard Coyote Urine 4oz

    Coyote urine collected from meat fed coyote's. Comes in a 4 oz. odor proof plastic squeeze bottle.
  • Rickard Beaver Lure 1 1/4oz

    Contains a significant amount of expensive beaver passion ingredient which attracts a beaver directly to the set.
  • Kishels Triple Dig Lure 1oz

    Highly attractive to fox and coyote at the dirt hole and flat sets. A blend of costly glands and musk make this lure unique. Freeze proof.
  • Kishels Mink Gland 1oz

    Each bottle is jam-packed with premium grade glands enhanced with select ingredients to retain that fresh mink odor. Also highly attractive to canines, cats, and raccoons.
  • Kishels Grey Fox Lure 1oz

    A powerful grey fox gland lure. Thick, strong, and long lasting.
  • Kishels Bobcat Gland 1oz

    Properly cut, blended, and aged glands create this supreme lure for bobcat trapping. Sweet, alluring and thick.
  • Kishel Red Fox Urine 4oz

    Collected clean, fresh and uncut. 100 percent natural.
  • Kishel Red Fox Gland Lure 1oz

    A carefully blended and aged lure, containing enormous amounts of select glands. Productive anytime of the year and appeals greatly to the foxes territorial instincts.
  • Kishel K9 Bait 6oz

    Long lasting and makes them dig to get a taste. Aged perfectly for mouthwatering attraction. Works great for coyote, fox, bobcats, coons, mountain lion, badgers and just about all other meat eating predators.
  • Kishel Crossbreed 1oz

    From finicky early season coyotes of Wyoming to the harsh winter fox of New York, this lure has proven itself reliable time and time again.
  • Kishel Coyote Urine 4oz

    Collected clean, fresh and uncut. 100 percent natural.
  • Kishel Coyote Getter 1oz

    Heavy on food and light on glands makes this lure choice. Aged and fixed for peak attraction. It is freeze proof making it good for all season. Alpha males go for this lure in a big way.
  • Kishel Coy Dog II 1oz

    Gland based, but spiked with an uncommon ingredient that coyote love. It is freeze proof making it a good anytime of the year attractant. Has a light hint of skunk and is best used in combination with urine.
  • Kishel Coon Digger II 1oz

    Specifically designed for nuisance control work and has proved its superior ability to attract raccoons year round. A highly sweet, thick, and long lasting odor.
  • Kishel Canine Supreme 1oz

    Tested for its effectiveness North, South, East, and West. It will make a believer out of you. Contains a very special base. It is freeze proof and a great choice as an all season attractant. Attracts coyote, fox, bobcat and badger.
  • Kishel Bobcat Urine 4oz

    Collected clean, fresh and uncut. 100 percent natural.