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  • Daisy .177 Cal. Dial A Pellet - 300 ct. Tin - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Three different pellet types in a convenient container. Just twist the lid to choose flat, pointed, or hollow point pellets. Includes 100 of each style.
    $4.00 save 15%
  • Daisy .177 Cal. Flat Pellets - 500 ct. Tin

    500 count .177 caliber flat-nosed lead pellets in a flip-top box with belt clip.
  • Daisy .177 Cal. Hollow Point - 500 ct. Tin

    500 count .177 caliber hollow point lead pellets in a tin.
  • Daisy BB Bottle 2400 ct.

    Plastic bottle of 2400 zinc-plated steel BBs. Flip top has one large and one small opening.
  • Daisy BB Tube 350 ct.

    Tube of 350 count zinc-plated steel BBs.


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