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  • Flextone Dying Rabbit Call

    The Flextone Dying Rabbit Predator Call produces a a natural sound that is excellent for long distances and a great coaxing tool. The flexible design gives the call a lot of inflection and a natural pleading sound. Simply squeeze the end closed to produce the sound and release for louder volume.
  • Flextone Eastern Predator Call - Combo

    The Eastern Predator Combo is equipped with a Dying Mouse call and the Dying Rabbit call. The Dying Rabbit call has the long range capability that allows you to reach out and touch something, while maintaining the ability to be used as a mid-range coaxer. The flexible rubber body allows you to change tone, volume and pitch, keeping your sets different and fresh. The Dying Mouse call is for use after you have gotten a predator to commit to your set.
  • Flextone Mouse Trap - Predator Call

    One-handed operation just strap to your gun or hand. The Mouse Trap is oversized for louder and longer squeaks, and is perfect for close-range coaxing. Freezeproof.
  • Flextone Crow Shocker Call

    Turkey hunters can make shock gobbles at various volumes by squeezing the flexible tube. Crow hunters can also make multiple crow calls with different tones and volume by bending and squeezing the tube.
  • Flextone Owl Hooter Call

    Produce truer and more natural owl calls with this soft flexible designed call, which gives you better control of the volume and tones of your calling.
  • Flextone Gunslater II Turkey Call

    Flextone Gunslater II RT HwGrn
  • Flextone Thunder Cluck'N Purr - Turkey Call

    Designed for mid to close range calling. Double reeds for soft clucks and purrs. Easier to use than standard mouth calls.
  • Flextone Thunder Cut'N - Turkey Call

    Designed for mid to long range calling. Creates loud, raspy yelps and cuts perfect for locating gobblers. Easier to use than standard mouth calls.
  • Flextone Thunder Gobble - Turkey Call

    Double reed construction call that produces realistic raspy tones. The ergonomically shaped mouth piece directs 100 percent of your wind through the tube to produce super loud gobbles. Very productive call when used in conjunction with hen mating yelps.
  • Flextone Thunder Yelper - Turkey Call

    Offers close to mid-range calling with perfect soft and seductive yelps. Hands free technology makes it easier to use than traditional mouth calls.
  • Flextone Bone Collector - Buck Crusher Deer Call

    Create grunts, snorts, wheezes and estrous bleats hands-free. Straps securely to your wrist or forearm. Ideal for both bow and rifle seasons.
  • Flextone Thunder Spit-N-Drum - Turkey Call

    Produces spit and drum sounds of a strutting gobbler for vocal reassurance when using strutting decoys. A deadly option for call shy gobblers.
  • Flextone Buck Commander - Rut Hunter Deer Call

    Versatile call that produces doe estrus bleats, dominant buck grunts, and commanding growls with ease. The large ported exhaust bell gives you the volume needed for long range calling.
  • Flextone Rabid Rabbit Call

    Great for western states where jackrabbits are plentiful, the Flextone Rabid Jackrabbit Predator Call produces injured jackrabbit screams and cries. With a supersonic range and a rubber body, this call features 2 double reeds that offer twice the loudness of single-voice calls. Squeeze the end and release for inflections in the distress cries, and pinch or bend the end to turn the call into a close-range coaxer.
  • Flextone Entourage Turkey Call - Diaphragm 3 pk.

    Three-pack of diaphragm calls that include the Freak Nasty, Spur Collector, and the Kung Fu Chop.
  • Flextone Battle Bag Plus - Deer Call

    Rattle bag featuring Battle Sticks made from high-tech polymers for maximum volume housed inside a rubber bag. Creates early season sparring matches to the intense fights of the rut.
  • Flextone Bone Collector - Brotherhood Deer Call

    Flextone technology uses soft flexible material that mimics the soft flexible tissue of an animal's neck, mouth and tongue to produce the most natural sound ever produced in deer calls. It's also super-quiet and stealthy, even when dropped. Use it to create sounds of the whole herd, from buck grunts and aggressive roars to push-button doe estrus bleats and fawn bawls. Blow from the opposite end to let out super-loud snort wheezes.
  • Flextone Bone Collector - Buck Collector Deer Call

    Produces all know vocalization as well as a wheeze sound. No matter what deer vocalization you need to produce, the Buck Collector will do. Just squeeze the labeled button while you blow.
  • Flextone Buck Rage Plus - Deer Call

    Produces all known sounds of whitetail, mule, and blacktail deer. Includes the Buck Rage call and Killer Wheeze. Tone bulb end creates perfect back pressure for growls and aggressive grunts.
  • Flextone Run-N-Gun Turkey Call - w/Glass

    Glass call that is perfect for high frequency calling and produces excellent soft purrs, yelps and clucks. It comes with a soft case that holds both the call and striker and a lanyard.
  • Flextone BoneCollector Trilogy - Diaphragm Turkey Call 3 pk.

    The Trilogy 3-pack includes the triple reed Freak Mama with double batwing cut for super raspy tones, the double reed Ho’ Down with 2.5 cutter and double spur cut for moderate rasp or seductive calling and the double reed Dirt Flap with clipped batwing cut for two tone notes.
  • Flextone BuckCommander Extreme - Deer Call

    The Flextone BCX Buck Commander Extreme Deer Call features a patent-pending design that produces loud nasally grunts, ideal for bringing in rutting bucks. True-tone buttons change pitch and tone for perfect estrus and fawn bleats. Wheeze chamber creates super-loud snort wheezes to challenge area bucks.
  • Flextone TrampStamp TurkeyCall - w/Slate

    The Tramp Stamp Slate turkey call uses natural slate for pure turkey sounds. This surface is the easiest to use and is very versatile. It will get loud when you need to and then back down to soft, seductive, yelps, clucks and unbeatable purrs. This call has the natural pure turkey sound that will bring him the final fifty yards. The Super Magnum Hickory Striker is perfectly balanced so the call will break over just right every time and it is heavy enough to have all the volume you will ever need. Super abrasive conditioning pad included so you can keep the slate surface and striker tip in optimal condition.
  • Flextone Si-Yonara Turkey Call - w/Glass

    The Si-series Si-Yonara Jack pot call features a glass surface for high frequency calling, Magnum hickory striker for loud tones. Comes with an abrasive scratch pad for conditioning the glass surface.
  • Flextone The Headhunter - Deer Call

    Headhunter deer call uses an easy slide adjustment to quickly go from buck grunts to doe bleat and fawn bawls. Also features a built in snort wheeze chamber. Rubber hose end provides natural tones.
  • Flextone Battle Bones - Deer Call

    Two full antler racks for maximum rattling volume. Made with Bone Core technology for realistic rattling tone. Redesigned grip gives more control for easy rattling.
  • Flextone Jacked Up Box Call

    The Si-series Jacked up box call features a two-sided poplar base for bi-polar hen sounds, and a walnut lid for loud tones. All in a compact portable design.
  • Flextone Lock Down Turkey Call - Glass

    Unique design allows the striker to attach to the pot using a magnet so that your striker is never lost when you need it most. Striker features a sandstone end for call surface conditioning.
  • Flextone Lock Down Turkey Call - Slate

    Unique design allows the striker to attach to the pot using a magnet so that your striker is never lost when you need it most. Striker features a sandstone end for call surface conditioning.
  • Flextone Ol School Box Call

    Compact design cedar box call with walnut lid creates two distinct tones. One side is loud and raspy while the other side is clear and soft.
  • Flextone Si-Clops Push Button - Turkey Call

    The Si-series Si-Clops push button turkey call features a walnut body and striker for high pitch tones. Creates easy yelps, clucks and purrs. The volume is easily adjustable by varying the amount of pressure you put on the top of the striker surface.
  • Flextone Funky Chicken - Turkey Decoy

    Turkey decoy with non-intimidating design to attract all ages of gobblers. Small size triggers instictive aggressive behavior and sparks fights.
  • Flextone Ground Grunt'r - Deer Call

    The Ground Grunt’r allows hunters to emit buck grunts up to 30 feet away. Either lower the device down to ground level from the treestand location or pre-set away from the hunting location away from the stand or blind or near a decoy. Distracts deer from the hunters location. Allows for minimal movements by the hunter. Includes grunt call, 30 feet of hose and tie downs.
  • Flextone Thunder Chicken - 1/4 Strut Decoy

    Compact design strutting gobbler decoy for easy carry. Includes a folding jake fan and metal stake for easy insertion in the ground. Includes Funky Chicken DVD.