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Code Blue


  • Code Blue Buck Urine - Size: 1 oz.

    Reliable lure that tricks dominant bucks into believing another whitetail is in his territory. Every bottle is certified and marked with the deer's registration number.
    $10.61 save 14%
  • Code Blue Comfort Zone - Size: 2.6 oz.

    Comfort zones stick formula mimics the smell of a deer bedding area. This formulation acts as an attractant to incoming deer, as well as making them feel safe and relaxed.
    $12.31 save 2%
  • Code Blue Deluxe Scent Drag

    Spread deer attractant quickly and effectively with this super absorbent scent drag. Designed to soak up deer lure without diluting or interfering with the scent. Heavy duty detachable clip allows you to attach the drag to your belt for hands-free use.
    $4.52 save 15%
  • Code Blue Doe Estrous - Size: 1 oz.

    Doe Estrous becomes especially powerful during the whitetail rut. Contains the estrous of one doe, give you a pure scent much more powerful than a diluted combination of does' scents.
  • Code Blue Doe Estrous w/Drag - 1 oz.

    Code Blue doe urine is collected under a certified and numbered process for increased effectiveness. Paired with a rugged, absorbent scent drag system for a perfect combination. Makes creating a scent trail easy.
  • Code Blue Doe Urine - Size: 1 oz.

    Puts bucks and does at ease as they approach your stand. Perfect for use all season as a cover or calming scent. Each bottle is collected from only one deer.
    $8.14 save 14%
  • Code Blue Estrous Gel - Size: 2 oz.

    Doe Estrous in a powerful gel form that won't wash away, freeze, or evaporate as quickly as liquid scents. Contains the estrous of a single doe instead of a diluted combination of doe scents.
    $10.65 save 14%
  • Code Blue Expandable Wicks - 6 pk.

    Instantly enlarges 4 times its regular size once dipped into scent. The enlarged wick holds more scent and allows additional scent dispersal.
    $4.58 save 15%
  • Code Blue Face Paint - Black .7 oz.

    Code Blue's Face Paint is a major league protection against getting spotted by big game. The all black face paint blends perfectly with any terrain and is good for all weather conditions. The Face Paint provides a non-glare protection and blends naturally with shadows, branches, and leaves. It goes on smooth and cleans up quick and easy with soap and water making it perfect for every hunt.
    $5.50 save 15%
  • Code Blue Rack Rub Gel - Size: 2 oz.

    Ultimate forehead gland and pre-orbital scent for stimulating rub activity. Great curiosity scent during the early season and creates a territorial infringement during the rut. Use on existing licking branches or create a mock licking branch to attract bucks all season long.
    $9.08 save 14%
  • Code Blue Scrape Mate - Size: 1 oz.

    Collected from a single buck and intensified with natural gland secretions. Made to create unbelievable scrape activity on mock or real scrapes.
    $10.61 save 14%
  • Code Blue Screamin Heat - Enhanced Doe Estrous Size: 1 oz.

    Developed through extensive scientific research and collected with meticulous accuracy. Enhanced with all-natural female secretions. Every bottle is pure, premium, and freshly collected from a single deer.
    $14.66 save 13%
  • Code Blue Smoke Cover Scent - Size: 8 oz.

    Disable his nose with the power of smoke cover scent. Smoke is a natural smell that actually absorbs odors, rather than just covering them.
    $8.27 save 14%
  • Code Blue Smoke Detector - Wind Direction Indicator Size: 1 oz.

    You have to know the wind direction to avoid spooking game and Code Blue Smoke Detector provides perfect readings every time with the accuracy of a smoke cloud. Super light air currents are hard to detect and can end a hunt quickly, but Smoke Detector's odorless cloud is ultra-sensitive and shows air movement hunter can't feel.
    $3.78 save 15%
  • Code Blue Synthetic Buck Scent - Size: 4 oz.

    Synthetic buck scent ideal for scrapes and scent trails. Advanced DNA technology allows for a strong, realistic scent. Features a convenient spray applicator for clean and easy application.
    $6.35 save 14%


  • Code Blue Synthetic Doe Scent - Size: 4 oz.

    All-season deer scent works naturally to stimulate a calm and curious reaction. Synthetic scent can be used in early or late season.
    $6.35 save 14%


  • Code Blue Synthetic DoeEstrous - Size: 4 oz.

    Simulates the scent of a doe in peak estrous. Great for use on scent trails or mock scrapes during the peak of the rut.
    $6.35 save 14%
  • Code Blue Tarsal Gland - Size: 2 oz.

    Each bottle contains an actual tarsal gland from a single deer so you can signal that a dominant buck is in the area. Can be used throughout the hunting season.
    $10.61 save 14%


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