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Sterner Duttera


  • Sterner Peep Aligner, Black

    SD Peep Aligner Blk
  • SD Claw String Splitter Blk

    Designed to encompass the sight aperture while still allowing the most available light to the eye. 3/16" opening. Weight: 10 gr.
  • SD Jr. String Splitter

    An excellent peep sight choice for someone who hunts from a blind or who prefers a larger peep sight. Allows more light transmission and a clear sight picture. 7/16" opening. Weight: 40 gr.
  • SD Micro String Splitter Blk

    Offers over three times the light transmission as a standard 3/16" peep sight. 3/16" opening. Weight: 9 gr.
  • SD Mini-String Splitter

    Increases shooting capabilities in low light and offers an increased field of view over a standard peep sight. 1/4" opening. Weight: 20 gr.
  • Sterner Duttera Firefly Nocks, 3/pk., Std Carbon

    SD Firefly Nocks 3pk 6 Sticks