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Deer Drags
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  • Allen Dual Harness Deer Drag

    Use your entire upper body to relieve body fatigue when dragging. Constructed of 2” heavy duty web. Fits over shoulders and includes drag rope and tow rope that attaches to steel D-ring for easy dragging.
  • ARC Dead Sled

    Allows the hunter to easily transport a harvested deer or other big game animal out of the woods. Designed to reduce the amount of effort and strain required to move the animal. Also protects the animal from bruising, tearing, and debris. Includes carry bag and shoulder strap.
  • Big Game Standard Deer Drag

    Lightweight and easy to use drag with single strap to be worn across the chest.
  • HH Deer Drag Harness

    Constructed of 2 inch wide nylon webbing with 2 ringed straps to create loops for your trohpy's antlers, legs, or neck. Padded shoulder strap provides comfort while dragging game and puts the work load on the strongest part of your body.
  • HME Deer Drag

    Includes a 16" all metal handle with easy to hold foam grips and 5 ft. drag strap with 6" choker loop. Designed for use by one person, two people, or attached to an ATV.
  • HS Deluxe Deer Drag Sfty Org

    Durable, safety orange body harness with shoulder straps and waist belt. Includes rope.