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Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow Kit, 185lbs, Black

Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow Kit, 185lbs, Black Stock Photos - pictures may not match the actual item. Please refer to product description


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Product Description

A new kind of hunting bow that?s engineered and built to enable amazing customization and adjustability out of the box. It is fully modular, takes many accessories that are compatible with the AR-15 platform and is the first open modularity crossbow on the market. All machined aluminum parts with collapsible AR style stock with 6 position pull stock (13?-19?) creates a custom and consistent shoulder mount. Has a unique picatinny platform the accommodates most military and commercial spec AR parts with a 15 inch top rail, 9 inches on the forearm rail and 4 inches on the stock rail. Includes 2 sling studs on the riser and 1 sling plate located on the butt stock. Hunters can attach a new forearm, butt stock. Mount the quiver on top or on the bottom, upgrade and/or move their scope. Slim design allows for easy transport in the field. Draw Weight: 185lbs, Speed: 360 fps., Mass Weigh: 8.3lbs., Kinetic Energy: 122 ft. lbs., Length: (with stirrup) 30 1/4?-36 3/4", Width: Axle to Axle: 17"( un cocked), Trigger Pull: 3.5lb , Power Stroke: 13 1/2?, Arrow Length: 20". Package Includes: 1.5-5 X 30 Illuminated Reticule lighted scope, 3 arrow quick detach quiver, 3 Maxima Blue Streak bolts, practice points, rail lubricant, rope hand cocking unit.
  • Weight: 185lbs
  • Color: Black
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