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Buck Alert Reciever/Transmitter Set

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Motion detecting system allows the hunter to detect movement on any chosen trail or in a particular area. Don't be surprised by game you didn't know was there. The Buck Alert will alert you to approaching animals by sending a signal from the motion detector to your hand held receiver. After receiving the signal you just need to set yourself up for the shot. This kit includes a detector unit and a hand held receiver unit. Detector unit detects motion and transmits alarm signal to the receiver, is waterproof and lightweight for easy. This system allows you to use up to three different detectors on the same receiver, enabling you to cover different trails, multiple areas or crossings. The receiver unit has three alarm modes for detection light, sound, or vibrate also there are different color lights programmable to any Buck Alert detector. Accepts signal from detector up to 330 feet away. Convenient carry clip attaches to belt, pocket, backpack. Season long battery life. Unit comes with durable straps to fasten to trees or objects. Check with your local game laws on usage.
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