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BowJax Ultra Jax I String Silencer, 4/pk., Black

BowJax Ultra Jax I String Silencer, 4/pk., Black Stock Photos - pictures may not match the actual item. Please refer to product description


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BowJax Ultra BowJax I 4pk

Ultrajax 1 string silencers do not require a bow press. Long-lasting silencers are slit down the center so you can easily wrap serving string or the provided zip ties to fasten them in place. Can be trusted as a "last minute application" because they don't change your bow set-up. Since they fit over the string, they won't cause peep twist after you set up your bow. Weight: 21 grains.
  • Pack Size: 4/pk.
  • Color: Black

    Reduces noise by 90 % and you don't need a bow press to install them. They are split so you just slip them over the string or cable and they are held in place by zip ties that are included. Four per pack. 4 per pack.
    BowJax Ultra BowJax I 4pk
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