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Beman MFX Bone Collector Arrows - 400 Spine

Beman MFX Bone Collector Arrows - 400 Spine Stock Photos - pictures may not match the actual item. Please refer to product description


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Product Description

The MFX Bone Collector with Hidden Insert Technology boasts Bemans patented micro-diameter carbon construction to deliver unbeatable higher power and performance - for all types of heavy boned big game. The arrow of choice for Bone Collectors everywhere, this powerful MFX offers a hard-hitting mix of accuracy, durability and penetration. Micro diameter MFX carbon construction shaft that has a .003" straightness tolerance, 2 grain weight tolerance. They have X nocks installed, come with Hit inserts loose and have a factory installed crest. Weight GPI 300 are 10.7, 340 /9.5, 400/9.0 and 500/8.1. Point size is 300 and 340 are 9/32 od, 400 and 500 are 17/64 OD. Deep Six steel inserts and Vibrake X nocks are sold separately.

PACKAGE INFO: Dozen pack.

For help selecting the right Beman shaft for you, see http://bemanusa.com/selector/.

All arrows are sold per dozen and the inventory listed is per dozen.

We custom make arrows per order, so they usually take 2-3 days to ship.

A charge is added to a dozen arrows for cutting to length. **Please Note** The arrow length is measured to the nearest 1/4" from the nock groove to the end of the insert.

Insert Install Charge:
Service Charge added to a dozen shafts or made up arrows for the installation of the inserts.

Fletch Method
We offer 7 different fletching styles...the most popular is 3-fletch and right offset. Also note that NAP QuickSpin Vanes MUST be fletched either straight or to the right.

Fletch Type
We offer a huge selection of vanes and feathers taht we can fletch your arrows with. If you are unsure of what fletching arrangement you would like, we recommend the 3-fletch, right offset, Duravanes.. Special Instructions:
In this box, please specify your color preference of the vanes or feathers. For example, you may indicate: "Bright" or "Dark" fletching or you may be as specific as "Two white and One Black Vane". PLEASE NOTE: Not all types of fletching are available in all colors. If the colors you specify are not available/in-stock we will automatically select an alternative color scheme that is similar to your preference.While we make every attempt to match your color request, we do not guarantee the colors of the fletching and DO NOT accept returns on custom arrows!

Beman MFX Bone Collector Arrows Deep Six steel inserts and Vibrake X nocks are sold separately.
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