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Arrow Tools

Arrow Straighteners and Spinners
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Spine Testers
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Squaring Devices and Insert Tools
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  • Apple Arrow Spin Tester

    Allows you to check arrows for straightness and point alignment. Uses all steel, precision ball bearings.
    $38.09 save 9%
  • Apple Insert Tool

    Easy in, easy out insert tool. Precision machined with a heat treated 8/32" threaded tip for use in all standard inserts.
    $28.98 save 11%
  • Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer

    The Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer measures the static spine, the weight and the straightness of arrows. A special software, which is free to download, transfers the measuring results to your PC for viewing. The distance of the arrow rests are set at 26’’ centers. It measures the static spine of an arrow and displays it in AMO, ASTM or both and the weight of an arrow and displays it in gram, grain or both. It supports spine measuring from two sides and displays a straightness indicator value. Settings on display or sound are customizable. The housing is made of aluminum with stainless steel arrow rests. Electrical power is supplied by means of an external USB power source. Includes a durable black waterproof nylon carrying case with full length zipper and nylon handles. It has a thick padded layer designed to protect your Arrow Analyzer.


  • BPE Arrow Deburr Tool

    Indexable solid carbide cutter has 6 cutting edges for long life. Removes burrs from aluminum arrow shafts.
    $11.90 save 14%


  • Cir-Cut Thread Repair Tool - Point Insert Threads

    Thread repair tool can be used to retap or clean out damaged inserts.


  • G5 Arrow Squaring Device

    Designed to square the ends of the arrow shaft to make your tuning process easier. Features a reversible cutter that can be used to square carbon shafts or aluminum inserts.
    $36.50 save 9%
  • G5 Arrow Squaring Device - Replacement Cutter

    Replacement cutter for G5 Arrow Squaring Device.
    $22.14 save 11%
  • Grayling Perfect Arrow - Straightener Dial

    Arrow straightener with easy to read dial that reads from .001" to .240". Allows aluminum arrows to be straightened for the best shot performance.


  • Lumenok FAST Arrow Squaring - Tool

    Designed for precision squaring of arrow shafts for increased accuracy. Also removes non-conductive material from the end of the shaft for improved performance with Lumenok lighted nocks.
    $37.34 save 10%
  • Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector

    Designed to help ensure smooth and accurate arrow flight. Tests arrows for straightness, broadhead balance, nock alignment, and vane/feather balance. Features low friction steel axles and cast aluminum wheels to detect even the slightest bend or imperfection.
    $25.33 save 11%
  • RAM Arrow Spine Tester

    Spine tester allows arrows to be sorted for perfect consistency and increased accuracy. Tester can also be used to find the stiffest side of the arrow for improved consistency from one arrow to the next. Dial reads in increments of .0005".


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