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Welcome to, Your Source For Discount Archery Equipment and Hunting Supplies. For Huge Savings on Archery and BowHunting Equipment, Join the Professional Bowhunter Buyer's Club. Membership is FREE for all members of the US Military and for First Responders.

Professional Bowhunter Buyer's Club - FREE FIRST RESPONDERS Membership


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Product Description

Members get exclusive discounts at both: and at!
  • Members save from 4-45% on all items in both online stores.
  • Membership usually costs $25.00 a year but is offering this membership to the US First Responders for FREE.

    The Professional Bowhunter's Buyer's Club offers members exclusive discounts on archery and hunting items at and also The discounts offered to members vary by product but nearly all of the 10,000 items in the both stores are discounted between 2% and 45%.

    How does it work?:
    If you are a Member or were a member of a United States Police Department, Fire Department, EMT you can sign up for free!!

    1. First add the membership below into your cart and then "check out"
    2. After registering/checking out, within 24 hours, will email you in order to confirm that your status as either a current or past First Responder.
    3. From then on, whenever you log into your or account, you will be shown the Membership Pricing.
    If you have questions, please call us at 516.656.0808 and we can explain more.

    NOTE: This offer is for all Past and Present members of US First REsponders, by registering for the free membership you are entering a legal contract and agree to the following provisions:
    1) By joining the Professional Bowhunter Club, you are swearing under penalty of perjury that you are either a present member, or past First Responder. Defined by serving as a Police Officer, Fireman (volunteer or full-time) or EMT
    2) Members may not publicly discuss or advertise the pricing for the members as these prices are not publicly available and are meant only as a way for Len and Dave Eder to give back to all of those who have given us so much!
    3) This Free Membership is for all First Responders, however we reserve the right to cancel memberships and this program.
    4) Signing up for this Free Membership to the Professional Bowhunter Club means you are swearing that you are or have served as a First Responder. False representation as a present or past member falls under the The Stolen Valor Act of 2005, a U.S. law that makes it a federal offense to falsely represent oneself as having received any U.S. military decoration. If convicted, defendants may be imprisoned for up to six months.

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    • Bohning Blazer Vanes - White 100 pk.

      2" long vane with a profile of .6". They weigh 6 grains each. The high profile and short length combine to give you great arrow flight and good groups even with fixed blade heads.
    • Bohning Blazer Vanes - Neon Orange 100 pk.

      2" long vane with a profile of .6". They weigh 6 grains each. The high profile and short length combine to give you great arrow flight and good groups even with fixed blade heads.
    • Bohning Blazer Arrow Wrap - White Large 4 in. 12 pk.

      This Arrow wrap is designed to complement Blazer vane by providing increased arrow visibility. Wraps are 4” long and 1.125” wide, each package contains 13 wraps.
    • Bitzenburger Fletching Clamp - Right Helical

      Each die-case clamp is precision-ground to assure identical blade matching. Hollow recess allows for thumb and fingertip control preventing slippage in hand. Graduated scale at the rear of the base of the Clamp for consistent spacing of feathers and vanes.
    • Easton Brass HIT Inserts 12pk

      Brass point insert for Easton and Beman X diameter arrow shafts. Break-off design allows the shooter to choose either a 75 gr. or 50 gr. insert weight. Includes installation tool and HIT epoxy.
    • Easton Axis NFused 340 Shafts - Dz with HIT Inserts

      Small diameter shaft made to deliver performance and penetration. Constructed of high strength carbon-composite fibers. Straightness tolerance of +-.003”. Available in sizes 600 (7.2 GPI), 500 (8.1), 400 (9.0 GPI), 340 (9.5 GPI), 300 (10.7 GPI), and 260 (11.5 GPI). Factory crested, includes X Nocks and HIT inserts.
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