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Specialty Clarifier, 3/32", #2 lens

Specialty Clarifier, 3/32", #2 lens Stock Photos - pictures may not match the actual item. Please refer to product description


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SpecAP 3/32 Apt w/#2 Lens

Clarifiers will help make the target crystal clear, allowing you to pick out target details at a distance. The stronger the scope lens you use, the stronger the clarifier should be. The larger the scope you use, the larger the hole size of the clarifier should be. For use with all Specialty Peeps. The 1/4" peeps require use of a peep reducer. #1 lens is a weak clarifier lens which can be used with any scope lens. #1 (Yellow) works best on 2, 3 to 4 power scope lens. #2 (Green) is a standard clarifier lens and works best with a 4 or 6 power scope lens. #3 (Red) is used to clear up high powered - 7, 8, 10 powers. However, please note, clarifiers may cause the aiming dot to blur or disappear. The use of a large dot on the scope lens is required.
  • Size: 3/32"
  • Style: #2 lens

    Aperture with weak clarifier lens
    SpecAP 3/32 Apt w/#2 Lens
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