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Compound String, 87 1/4"-22st, BCS--USEL, ZebHy


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Product Description

ZebHyb 87 1/4 String Camo Mission Endeavor

Tri-Color StringsTri-Color Strings are made of D-75 and designed to fit the newer Hoyt and Reflex Bows. Color is Black/Brown/Tan and identified in catalog by TRITurbo TwistTurbo Twist Strings are made of 452X, and are Black and Green in color. Feature braided center servings and are identified in catalog by TRBT.Zebra Hybrid BowstringsZebra® Hybrid bowstrings feature patented Z-S Twist® technology, which virtually eliminates peep rotation. Manufactured with BCY 452x material, Zebra® bowstrings are stretch-resistant and extremely durable. Identified in catalog by ZebHyVaporTrail Control CablesVTX "Vapor Twist Xtreme" offers ZERO creep in as few as three shots with "Set it, and Forget it" Technology and have extremely stable fibers in widely changing temperatures. VTX strings have what serious shooters are looking for at an affordable price.Identified in catalog by VTXWinners Choice Control CablesGrey and Sage 8190 XTreme Strings are pre-stretched before assembly. Patented serving system maintains maximum tension throughout the serving process, eliminating serving slip or separation. To maintain peep consistency, do not add over 12 twists (single Cam) 6-(Dual cam) or subtract more than 6 twists (Single Cam) 4-(Dual cam). Variations are available by special order only.Identified in catalog by WCZebra Trophy StringsFactory spec'd replacement strings for Mathews bows. The dual-bundle balance bowstrings don't rotate during draw, making peep sight alignment devices obsolete. The strings are then pre-stretched to minimize creep and maximize speed, and the servings are extra secure and durable. Identified in catalog by TrophyAbbreviations in String Chart:MCS-Monofilament Center ServingBCS-Braided Center ServingUSEL-Unserved End LoopsSEL-Served End LoopMATRG---for bows With Mathews Roller GuardVTRG---VaporTrail with Roller Guard
  • Size: 87 1/4"-22st
  • Style: BCS--USEL
  • Material: ZebHy

    Replacement string for the Mission Endeavor bow. It is camo and 87 1/4" long."
    ZebHyb 87 1/4 String Camo Mission Endeavor
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